1. Game takes some time to load for the first time. When you see a green line or a fish head, click inside the game area and press 'P'. It should work fine after that! :) 

Sorry for the trouble.

2. Make sure to play on fullscreen mode. (Bottom right)

3. To skip the explosion cinematic /instant restart, press P and Spacebar.  

Game Overview

The game is called Smorish. (Ssome MormoreishFish). The whole story of this game is that a fish that was wounded in world war 2 became a mutant cannibal. Now all it can eat is other fish. And also breathe outside water. Don’t ask me how, it’s a game. Just help the fish eat s’more fish.

Game Mechanics & Instructions

You control the boat and the hook/bait with your mouse. Move your mouse left and right to move the boat, move your mouse up and down to control the hook. Left click to pick up a fish.

A score rush mechanic has been added to make the game more challenging. What this does is, once you reach a certain point. (For example 5). Your score will start to decrease by 1 point every ~5 seconds. Once your score reaches 0, the game will end. Collect as many fishes as possible and try to avoid the torpedoes. These end the game instantly as soon as your hook touches it.

Press P to Pause the game. 


Music - Joji - Will He (Instrumental)

Images - PNG.pix,,, shutterstock

Banner Art - Priyanka Nath, KIIT. 


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Nice Game, but please decrease loading time. It is too long

Working on it right now :)